Corporate Teams

2020 Corporate Running Team (CRT) 
Program Guidelines


  • Corporate Running Teams should have 10+ runners

  • Corporate Running Teams must use MarathonGuide as their fundraising platform and establish their group as a “Team”

    • Corporations who do not use MarathonGuide as their fundraising platform will not be eligible for post-race awards

  • Corporations running on behalf of multiple charities should create a team page with each charity partner

    • All pages from a single corporation will be collected to reflect an overall Corporate Running Team total

  • Charities should treat Corporate Running Teams as FFR entries and should contact the Houston Marathon Committee for the appropriate number of Corporate Running Team entries

    • It is imperative that HMC be notified that the entries are for a Corporate Running Team and not for an individual FFR participant

    • The Corporate Running Team members will receive a code that is SIMILAR BUT NOT THE SAME as the charity FFR code – which is critical for reporting purposes


  • The individual fundraising minimum for Corporate Running Team participants is $500 or the stated charity minimum. The charity and corporation shall determine the method that all members of the Corporate Running Team will follow with regards to covering the entry cost and fundraising amounts. Examples on how this may work are listed below:

  • Fundraising by participant, race entry paid by corporation

    • $115/$135 X number of participants = amount paid by corporation

    • $500+ raised by 10+ Corporate Running Team members

      • Charity will provide code after both of the above are completed

  • Fundraising AND race entry paid by individual

    • Individual should raise $115/$135 AND $500+

      • Charity will provide code the above are completed

  • o Fundraising AND race entry paid by corporation

    • Corporation should pay charity race entry AND $500+ per member of the Corporate Running Team


  • Private Bathrooms

    • Corporate Running Team members will join HERO entries and FFR participants who raised $350+ and enjoy a private race day bathroom experience

    • Corporate Running Team Bib Pick-Up

      • Corporate Running Team members will arrive at EXPO and retrieve their bib in a special location that does not require navigating public packet pick-up

      • Corporate Running Team member must pick-up individually

      • For public safety reasons, there is not a group pick-up option

  • Corporate Running Team Gear Check

    • A specific lane of Gear Check will be designated for Corporate Running Team members

Additional Options

  • Bank of Texas Team Challenge

    • The Bank of Texas Team Challenge is a free, exciting opportunity for registered participants of the 2018 Chevron Houston Marathon, Aramco Houston Half Marathon and ABB 5K to create teams and complete against one another

    • Interested members must assemble in groups of six and complete an additional registration process in order to compete for various awards



For questions regarding the Corporate Running Team Program Guidelines, please contact:

Erin Kasperek
Manager, Community Outreach
Tel: 713-957- 3453


If you have questions for the TKF Team please let us know!

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